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Auditing is basically an official examination and verification of the accounts and financial records of an organization. A financial audit is an objective, which is used to evaluate the financial statements to ensure that the records are accurate and a fair representation of the transactions, which the organization has claimed to represent.

We have  partnered with experienced audit firms to carry out audit of financial statements and ensure regulatory compliance

The audit of financial statements is conducted in accordance with various international auditing standards which are more stringent to comply with all necessary regulations and provide our client with highest level of assurance

Internal audit, also referred as operational audit, is a voluntary appraisal activity undertaken by an organization .  It’s a usually  a random checking of books of accounts to check the accuracy of the entries

Internal auditing ensures that the organization is working fairly enough to mitigate risks, and that business goals and objectives are met. To do this, internal auditors work with an organization to systematically review its systems and business operations. These reviews are focused on recognizing how well risks are managed and whether agreed procedures are being followed.

External audit, also known as financial audit and statutory audit, involves the examination of the truth and fairness of the financial statements of an entity by an external auditor who is independent of the organization in accordance with a reporting framework such as the International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS).  Its done Once in a year

An external auditor is a professional, independent third party that performs an unbiased review of the financial records of a certain company. The auditor must evaluate the organization’s records, including payroll, purchasing records and accounting. He/she also looks at the financial investments and organizations loan structure to identify any irregularities

Tax audits are conducted to assess the accuracy of the tax returns filed by a company and are therefore used to determine the amount of any over or under assessment of tax liability towards the tax authorities.

It's kind of audit to ensure the payment of each liability and each regulatory expense of taxation due is paid, collected and delivered to the governmental authorities within the period given. The government additionally evaluates an organization whether they are following certain obligations that apply to their business according to the tax laws